Air Pistol
In 2008, we organized our first air pistol training class.  Prior to this, youth have tried this discipline pretty much on their own if they had an interest.  The primary pistol used by the Pierre Junior Shooters is the Daisy Model 747.
Air pistol has a variety of rules currently depending on the organization you are following.  Progressive pistol, international pistol and 4-H, all have variations on the rules pertaining to air pistol.  If shooters are going to shoot competitively, they need to know what the sponsoring organization is and what rules they are following.  An example - a 12 year old shooter may be able to shoot 2 handed from a seated position, 2 handed from a standing position, or one handed from a standing position depending on the rules that match is under.
Regardless of the rules, safety and technique are pretty much the same.  Safety is the of the utmost importance, particularly in pistol shooting, as it is very easy to have a pistol pointing in the wrong direction with the flick of a wrist. Technique, regardless of position, requires a good sight picture and excellent trigger control.  It has been said that trigger control is 95% of good pistol shooting.
Air pistol is a good primer for going on to other pistol shooting - free pistol (Men's .22), sport pistol (Women's .22) and any number of other pistol shooting activities.
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