Junior Shooters win in Marshall Co

Sunday, March 16, 2014
The Pierre Jr Shooters participated in the Marshall Co. Invitational BB Gun Match held on March 15 in Britton, SD. Teams participating included Buffalo, MN, Buffalo, ND, Day Co, Douglas Co, Highmore, Humboldt, Kirley, Lake Co, Marshall Co, Pierre and Spink Co.

Individual BB Gun results in the 8-9 yr old division:

Drew Schuchard - ninth - prone; second - standing; tenth - sitting; third - kneeling; overall fourth.

10-11 yr old division:

Jayce Beastrom - tenth - sitting.
Justin Merriman - 96 on test; eighth - prone; first - standing; fourth - sitting; tenth - kneeling; overall first.
Wyatt Rose - 96 on test; second - prone; seventh - kneeling; overall eighth.
Alee Smith - ninth - prone; fourth - sitting.
Noah Smith - 96 on test.

12-15 yr old division:

Jacob Beastrom - 100 on test; sixth - standing; eighth - sitting; overall fifth.
Adam Forman - 96 on test.
Ryan Habeck - 94 on test; first - standing; first - sitting; eighth - kneeling; overall first.
Nolan Ortbahn - 98 on test; seventh - prone; fourth -standing; third - sitting; overall second.
Cassandra Ryckman - 100 on test.
Nathan Schnabel - 94 on test; fourth - prone.
Zane Schuchard - 98 on test.
Canaan Smith - 98 on test.
Will Zebroski - 98 on test; second - kneeling; overall sixth.

Team Results:

10-11 yr old division - First Place (Jayce Beastrom, Ruben Bowen, Justin Merriman, Wyatt Rose, and Alee Smith)

12-15 yr old division - First Place and High Team Test (Jacob Beastrom, Ryan Habeck, Cassandra Ryckman, Canaan Smith and Nathan Schnabel)

Bullbuster Champion - Ryan Habeck

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