Pierre Jr Shooters Compete in Highmore

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pierre Jr. Shooters participated in the Highmore Jr. Shooter Invitational held on March 14 in Highmore, SD. Teams participating included Brule Co., Douglas Co., Highmore, Humboldt, Kirley, Lake Co., Marshall Co., Pierre, Potter Co., and Spink Co. The Jr. Shooters next competition will be in Britton on March 21.  This will be the first qualifier for the national match.

 Individual BB Gun results in the 8-9 yr. old division:

 Jasmine Hays - third - prone; fourth - sitting; sixth - kneeling; overall fifth.

Alayna Kliewer - second - prone; second - sitting.

Jenna Kruger - fifth - prone; ninth - standing; overall eighth.

Tyler Payer - third - sitting.

Riley Pfeifer - first - kneeling.

Jazzlyn Rombough - eighth - prone; sixth - sitting; seventh - kneeling; overall seventh.


10-11 yr. old division:

Vanya Kliewer - fifth - prone.


12-15 yr. old division:

Trevor Habeck - seventh - sitting.

Andrew Kliewer - fourth - standing.

Justin Merriman - 96 on test; sixth - kneeling; overall second.

Natalie Mohr - seventh - prone; fifth - standing; fifth - sitting.

Wyatt Rose - sixth - standing.

Cassandra Ryckman - fourth - prone; tenth - standing; fourth - kneeling; overall fourth.

Nathan Schnabel - tenth - prone.

Zane Schuchard - 92 on test; eighth - kneeling; overall seventh.

Team Results:

8 & 9 yr old division - First Place (Jasmine Hays, Alayna Kliewer, Jenna Kruger, Riley Pfeifer, and Jazzlyn Rombough)

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